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Après moi, le déluge || a Hades/Persephone Hannigram AU
     ↪ BY SAMIFERIST  [gifset 1/?]

Silence falls between them and Will can’t look at Hannibal, keeps staring at the objects in front of him: the shiny, red seeds and the clear liquid. One promises more pain, more nightmares, but also a blessed feeling of wholeness he has only experienced while he was in Hannibal’s arms, surrounded by him, with him buried inside. The other will make him forget everything, will take him back to his old life.

“There is no rush, you know it.”

“I will forget, if I drink the water. I’ll forget who you are, who I am… but you won’t.”

“Like I said, I never forget. This is only for you. You can go back to your “normal” life, to being just Will Graham. Or… or you can become mine again.”

“Only for six months.”

Hannibal laughs and Will manages a smile.

“You’ll always be mine. But yes, for six months you’ll be… ah, especially mine. “


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