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The Lark and the Magpie || Part 4: The Abyss of Eden

Cosette fell into a state of living and not living as soon as she saw Eponine.
Remembering the young girl who was a child with her has been easy, forget her has been impossibile.
Cosette, in the safe secret of her room, let her heart and mind focus on the face and the name that, everytime, makes her sighs.

"So this is how love feels." Cosette says to herself, the urge to laugh making her thoughts shine with a white light in her mind. "You are being foolish." she keeps on. "Thinking about her again and again."
Foolish to fall in love with a single look, foolish to not be able to close her heart to the warm feel.

"What’s the matter with you, Cosette? She probably doesn’t remember you."
She hopes Eponine remembers her, she needs Eponine to remember her. She needs to see the other girl again, to calm the frantic beats of her hear.

"Not to mention she’s a girl." she adds bitterly. Is a sin to love someone of the same sex,
if the love is so strong, so pure, so total?
Is a sin to love so much? To love at the point she can barely eat or sleep?

"There is no way she feels about you the way you feel about her." the dark of her room listens as she speaks, as she lets her fears take form.
How can Eponine love her? How can such love be felt by two person at the same time, for each other?
Love is terrifing, a force that makes Cosette wants to run away, or shout, or cry. And yet all this urges could disappear with a simple touch of hands. She wants to know how Eponine’s laugh sounds, she wants to see how her eyes shine when she smiles, she wants to know she’s loved as well.

"And yet you still hope she’ll find you." she leaves the comfort of her bed, understanding her unability to fall asleep.
Nothing would make her happier than be found by Eponine, as love has already found her.
She can only wait for the time they’ll see again and she can only hope that day will come.

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