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The Lark and the Magpie || Part 2: Transfiguration of love

As Eponine remains in the same spot, almost hoping the girl will come back, a memory comes back to her mind, swimming slowly from the distance of passed years and childhood.
At first she remembers a pair of blue eyes, fierce and sad, then se remembers a mop of blond hair covered in dirt; she remembers too two small hands around a broom.
The name comes suddenly to her mind, like a lightining.
The girl that she never called sister, the girl who disappeared one day because, her parents told her, someone took her away.”

"Cosette, now I remember…" she whispers. "Cosette, how can it be?" she asks to the thin air. The name sounds sweet around her tongue.
"We were children together, long time ago, I almost forgot about her…" almost. “and now she’s here again.”

Cosette, a face long forgotten, is back in her life, but things have changed: now is Cosette who wears pretty dresses and ribbons, now is Eponine that owns only worn clothes with holes.
And yet she doesn’t feel envy in her, instead she feels that maybe Cosette could make her life better.
Actually, Eponine’s life is better just with one look.
What will happen when she will hold her hand? What will happen when they will meet again?
Will Cosette, like a Saint, share her light and kindness (because Cosette shone with sanctity as she helped the poors few seconds earlier) and lead Eponine out of her dark solitude?

Eponine recognizes the symptoms and her whole being shakes.
She’s in love.
Cosette, like a lightining, hit her and transfigured her in a creature of desire.
Desire to see Cosette again, to speak with her, to breath the same air; to see her trasnfiguration mirrored in Cosette.

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