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The blood on my lips || Songs for weary queens and wounded souls [listen]

highway-wildflowers: Montparnasse buying matching leather jackets for the two of them and Jehan embroidering roses on the cuffs of his own

And then they go out for a ride on Montparnasse’s motorbike and they look totally awesome 

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lapieuvrebleue: (Relevant to the one I sent you a few days back about the plant-sitting.) Once they start living together, all of Jehan's plants come with him, and MtP keeps talking to them out of habit. Jehan finds this delightful and very endearing, even when it's just MtP telling the plants of his last heist/crime. One day Claquesous witnesses it, and instead of mocking, starts to say hello to the plants every time he comes over. Common courtesy.

No but Parnasse would have special relationship with specific plants. He’d tell the roses about his plan about taking Jehan out to dinner and then to a ghost-tour of Paris, to the cactus he would rant about the stupid things Babet does, ect ect.

And Jehan would hear something from time to time and would go to him like “The lilies told me about the way the cashier flirted with you. I am not amused.”

Claquesous would also whispers to the plants to ignore Montparnasse because he’s just a big nerd and a loser, just to see Montparnasse throw something at him and then apologize because he hit one of the plans.

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Share Jehan/Parnasse headcanons with me

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I’m just concerned for this family’s safety.

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