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marius: had you seen her today you might know how it feels
enjolras: wtf pontmercy my boyfriend is sitting over there

From a very young age, stories fueled my imagination in the most wonderful way.


Valjean (Nehal Joshi) looks completely in love with Cosette (Jemma Kosanke). From Dallas Theater Center’s Les Misérables.

photo by Karen Almond

courfeyyyrac replied to your post: YOU ALL ARE SO PRECIOUS AHHH !!!&…

bat martina iu nou ai onli spick inglisch uen aim on tambler (♥)

my eyes! my brain! this is pure torture !!!

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Happy birthday to you (cha cha cha)

Happy birthday to you (cha cha cha)

Happy birthday dear Martinaaaaa (cha cha cha)

Happy birthday to you~~~~~~~ (cha cha cha)

I like that cha cha cha. It totally made my day thank you!

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You are all making me so fucking happy!!! I wasn’t expecting so many asks! Thank you everyone

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kasienkanikki: Happy Bday!

Thank you Vikings sister <3<3<3

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Anonymous: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

so much enthusiasm woah thank you!!!

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